The Free Republic of California website launch: Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Tuesday, September 8, 12:00 pm PST

Join a conversation with artist Cole Sternberg and Executive Director, Frederick Janka and celebrate the launch of The Free Republic of California website.

The site is complete with the plan for the nation, including a new structure of government, a historical review, a modern constitution, an entire national budget strategy, event information, visual presentations, and the Free Republic clothing line, featuring limited edition pieces hand-screened by the artist. The site also contains a digital library of newly drafted policy papers, agreements and treaties, as well as a historical archive. One can download Sternberg’s new California Constitution or read about the massacre of Indigenous people by Junipero Serra’s band of marauders. The website will function ahistorically to simultaneously take into account the gravity of California’s past, the absurdities of today, and the possibilities of tomorrow. It will exist as its own digital-being so that the Free Republic may live online as a blueprint for a movement.