Nora Garza: Embracing The Absurd, September 9 – October 10, 2023

Nora Garza: Embracing the Absurd
On view September 9 – October 10, 2023
Opening reception: Saturday, September 9, 2023, from 5:00 – 7:00 pm

Carolyn Glasoe Bailey Foundation is pleased to present a solo exhibition of paintings by Nora Garza. The exhibition Embracing the Absurd will be on view September 9 – October 10, 2023 as part of the Carolyn Glasoe Bailey Foundation’s Ojai Institute initiative. The opening reception will take place on Saturday, September 9, 2023, from 5:00 – 7:00 pm. The artist will be present, and all are welcome to attend. 

Embracing the Absurd merges the artist’s long standing fascination with the subjects of archaeology, ancient history, biblical studies, and ufology. From a young age, and with a Catholic upbringing, she was captivated by such happenings as the search for Noah’s Ark, the Shroud of Turin, the Virgin Mary of Medjugorje, Virgin of Fatima, and her apparitions. She eventually began to read and start her research into events surrounding paranormal and unexplained phenomena such as alien encounters, both ancient and contemporary. 

In the artist’s own words: 

In my paintings, I leave behind a historical record from a common person’s perspective concerning the constant revelation of aliens. Up to today, the alien craft that hover over our countries have shown to be much more advanced than our aircraft and our technology. As Time passes, more and more encounters between humans and aliens occur…I am excited at the prospect of interacting more with aliens and hopefully they will be willing to bring us up to par with them in their knowledge of technology and there might be hundreds of other types of knowledge and perspectives that they would want to share with us. l am excited, and my mind is in awe. I feel so lucky to live to see this new alien revelation.

Works in the exhibition have been organized into four chapters: Messages, Interactions, Real Life Contacts, and Future of Humanity. Overall this exhibition of twelve acrylic paintings on canvas presents images of real life experiences, and those imagined by the artist based on press accounts, historical events, and other encounters. 

Nora Garza is originally from the border region of Northern Mexico and Southern Texas, and now lives and works in Phoenix, Arizona. She received her MA in Education from the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, and had a long career as a public education teacher, school principal and museum educator. After retiring, Garza taught art classes for eight years at the Brownsville Museum of Art and dedicated herself full-time to painting and drawing. In addition to her art practice, she regularly attends museum exhibitions and engages with other artists in her community.

Image: Nora Garza, Personal Sedona UFO Tour, 2022. Courtesy The Artist.

Queer Art Pop Up Exhibition & Poetry Reading: August 5-6, 2023

Queer Art Pop Up Exhibition and Poetry Reading:
Ren D’Angelo, Adi DeClerk, Hope Fairbanks, Maya Leeloo Rohe, and Sieren Ureño Clayton

August 5-6, 2023
Opening Reception: Saturday, August 5, 4:00 – 7:00 pm

Support Local Queer Artists! Pop up Art Exhibition August 5th!

The Carolyn Glasoe Bailey Foundation and Ojai Institute proudly present a Queer Art Pop Up Exhibition and Poetry Reading showcasing emerging Ojai artists! Please join us at 248 South Montgomery St. in Downtown Ojai, August 5th at 4-7pm to celebrate the work of Noah Cannaday, Ren D’Angelo, Adi DeClerk, Hope Fairbanks, Maya Leeloo Rohe, and Sieren Ureño Clayton. This pop up show will be open to the public Saturday, August 5th at the opening reception from 4-7pm and Sunday, August 6th from 12-4pm.This exhibition has been curated by Sieren Ureño Clayton as the culmination of his summer Artist Fellowship with the foundation. 

Clayton says “This exhibition was created to be a safe space to center and celebrate queer artists in Ojai. Each artist was given the freedom to choose the pieces that they feel represent them most as artists and as people. My hope with this show is to create a space for people to make meaningful connections within the queer and art communities as well as celebrate the wonderful artists showcasing their work…Community is integral in the lives of all queer people and it is something that I would like to foster in Ojai; for the many generations of queer people who, like myself, wanted to have more of a community growing up and for the new generation of queer youth who I hope will feel like they have more community than those before them.” 

Come support these five, wonderful queer Ojai artists!

The California Monuments Consortium Lab, September 10 – November 6, 2022

The California Monuments Consortium Lab

September 10, 2022 – November 6, 2022

Saturday, September 10, 2022: Community Town Hall and opening reception, 5:00 – 7:00 pm

Carolyn Glasoe Bailey Foundation is pleased to present The California Monuments Consortium Lab, an exhibition project for the Ojai Institute, presented in partnership with The Free Republic of California, LAND (Los Angeles Nomadic Division), and ESMoA. The California Monuments Consortium Lab will be on view September 10 – November 6, 2022. The Lab will open its doors Saturday, September 10, at 5:00pm with a community Town Hall Meeting, reception, and as a blank slate beckoning for participation. 

The California Monuments Consortium is a theoretical agency aimed to create communal, artistic and sustainable dialogues about monuments. In partnership with the Carolyn Glasoe Bailey Foundation, the Ojai Consortium Lab will act as a think tank, research archive, community sounding board and organizing platform. A range of events and panels will highlight the mission and its underpinnings while offering stakeholders the chance to interact with the space, conduct research, take polls, draft surveys and create artistic expressions.

Over a three month period, the Consortium’s statement will grow, welcoming a range of artists, speakers, NGOs and government representatives to participate. The hope is that the findings of these three months of interaction will become a springboard to physical manifestations of the ideas found therein. California deserves monuments respectful and honoring of its people, history and land, while looking forward with the momentum it has always possessed.

Physical components of the installation will include large scale vinyl installation in the windows, a Library featuring an ever-growing selection of relevant books and maps of California, A Communal Workspace, as well as a Community Survey Portal, an interactive area where visitors can comment on monuments, take surveys/polls, etc.

Calendar of Related Events:

Saturday, September 10, 2022: Community Town Hall and opening reception, 5:00 – 7:00 pm

Saturday, October 8, 2022: Special Guests: Ojai Jail Art Initiative Artists’ Reception, 5:00 – 7:00 pm 

Thursday, October 13, 2022: Public Land for Dummies, Special Guest: Natasha Wheat in Conversation, 5:00 – 7:00 pm

Saturday, October 15, 2022: Ojai Day Open House and The Free Republic of California poster scavenger hunt, 12:00 – 4:00 pm

Sunday, October 16, 2022: Special Guests: Ojai Jail Art Initiative Artist Panel and Closing Reception

Tuesday, October 25, 2022: Special Guest: Meet Your Neighbors, Blue Sky Art Center, 5:00 – 7:00 pm

Sunday, November 6, 2022: Closing Panel Discussion: The Intersection of Monuments & Land Acknowledgements, closing reception, 12:00 – 2:00 pm

About the partners:

The Free Republic of California is an ongoing conceptual piece by artist Cole Sternberg, which plays with notions of statehood and freedom by offering a vision for a more enlightened nation through the guise of Californian secession. Sternberg coordinates a variety of strategies for a state’s rebirth: alternative history and identity established in a new flag, photographic documentation, and ephemera; a constitution, budget, peace agreements, and international conventions in support of the environment and human rights; and, a proposed future conjured through sculpture, performance and engagement.

LAND (Los Angeles Nomadic Division) is a non-profit organization founded in 2009 committed to curating site-specific public art exhibitions in Los Angeles and beyond. LAND believes that all people deserve the opportunity to experience innovative contemporary art in their everyday existence, to enhance their quality of life and ways of thinking about their community. In turn, artists deserve the opportunity to realize projects in the public realm, unsupported through traditional institutions. LAND brings contemporary art outside of the walls of museums and galleries, into our shared public spaces and unique sites.

ESMoA is an art laboratory located in El Segundo, California and it is run by artlab21 Foundation. Our mission is to Spread the Spark of Creativity through the display and education of visual arts. ESMoA functions as a catalyst for creative thinking offering unique Experiences. The Experiences – our word for exhibition/exhibit – present a variety of media, including sculpture, painting, works on paper, performances, and photography. ESMoA was founded in 2013 by Eva Sweeney, Brian Sweeney and Bernhard Zünkeler.

Carolyn Glasoe Bailey Foundation is committed to supporting and advocating the arts and sciences. Current initiatives include awards for visual artists, as well as The Ojai Institute, an artist-residency program in Ojai, that extends the dialogue between artists and the public through exhibitions and programs. Currently based in Ojai, California, the organization, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, was founded in 2015 by artists, family, and friends to celebrate the legacy of esteemed art patron and private art dealer Carolyn Glasoe Bailey.

Image: Cole Sternberg, TREE MONUMENT IN THE WILD – another kind of growth. Photo by Jon Viscott

Book Club: Thought Forms by Annie Besant & C. W. Leadbeater Saturday, May 7, 2022

Book Club: Thought Forms by Annie Besant & C. W. Leadbeater
Saturday, May 7, 3:00 pm, reception to follow at 5:00 pm

Join us for a short symposium exploring the book Thought Forms and related ideas around consciousness and the history of Ojai with Rosha Yaghmai and invited special guests. You are encouraged to read along with us these next few weeks and arrive ready to discuss the book on May 7th. Books may be purchased locally at Barts Books, or at your local bookstore.

The symposium will conclude with a closing reception for the exhibition.

Please note time change to 3:00 pm.

Thought Forms: A Record of Clairvoyant Investigation is a seminal occult book compiled by the leaders of the Theosophical Society, Annie Besant and C. W. Leadbeater. It was originally published in 1905 in London. According to the teachings of Theosophy, thoughts and emotions create distinctive patterns of color and form in the human aura—visible only to those who are gifted with a sufficient degree of clairvoyance and can see beyond our normal perceptions. Besant and Leadbeater dictated their clairvoyant “thought-forms” to a group of friends who then created the 58 magnificent illustrations contained in the book. This book was a major influence on the artists Hilma Af Klint and Wassily Kandinsky among many others but has long been overlooked as a foundational pillar in art history.
Image: Artwork plate from Thought Forms: A Record of Clairvoyant Investigation, Annie Besant and Charles W. Leadbeater

On Heidi Bucher, Saturday, April 23, 2022

On Heidi Bucher
Saturday, April 23, 5:00 pm

Join us for a conversation with Rosha Yaghmai as we discuss her interest in the work of Heidi Bucher. The Swiss avant-garde artist Heidi Bucher (1926-1993, born Adelheid Hildegard Müller) distinguished herself particularly through her legendary “mouldings”, focussing and exploring the architectural space and the body through sculpture. It is a transformative and poetic work, that deals primarily with private spaces and belongings, architectural fragments from mostly the 19th century, feminism, domestication and the individual or collective experiences and memory.

We will be referencing the Heidi Bucher symposium produced by Haus der Kunst on the occasion of the retrospective Heidi Bucher. Metamorphoses with The Estate of Heidi Bucher. Watch the previously recorded symposium online.

Image: Heidi Bucher, Untitled, 1991, December, Postcard collage, 16,7 x 14,8cm, Copyright 2021 The Estate of Heidi Bucher.

Rosha Yaghmai: The eyes, March 12 – May 7, 2022

Carolyn Glasoe Bailey Foundation is pleased to present The eyes, a solo exhibition project by Rosha Yaghmai for the Ojai Institute. The exhibition will be on view March 12 – May 7, 2022. 

There will be a public reception to celebrate the opening on Saturday, March 12, 2022, from 5-7 pm.

The eyes is a site-responsive installation that draws attention to the architecture, geology, and history of place. This intervention by Yaghmai seeks to shift and blend vision, unearth and expose knowledge, while creating a multidimensional psychedelic space. The Ojai Institute and Carolyn Glasoe Bailey Foundation gallery space becomes a platform for accessing the esoteric history of Ojai, while being transformed into an imagined portal through which one might transcend time and space. Additional sculptural works in the show explore material and meaning, offering many interpretations and avoiding specific revelation. Or perhaps the works reveal more to the individual upon closer examination. 

Through a sculptural practice that melds industrial and craft processes, Rosha Yaghmai’s work utilizes these provocations to alter the familiar. She uses materials such as silicon and resin for their skin-like translucency and bodily, fleshy quality. Yaghmai contrasts this softness with hard mediums like cast plaster or fiberglass to contradict the expected. Her work, in exhibition form, often takes shape as an assemblage of fragmented objects that evoke an environment of estrangement. Yaghmai is most interested in exploring themes of the psychedelic that includes feelings of transcendence and otherness. Using architectural structures like gates, doorways, courtyard walls, she hopes to push the feeling of passing through, telepathic transformation or metamorphosis. Yaghmai was the subject of a solo exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara (MCASB) (2021), CCA Wattis Institute for Contemporary Art in San Francisco (2019). She was also included in the 2018 iteration of Made in LA at the Hammer Museum curated by Erin Christovale and Anne Ellegood.

Rosha Yaghmai lives and works in Los Angeles, California. She received her MFA from CalArts in 2007. Solo and 2 person exhibitions include: Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara, CA; Kayne Griffin, Los Angeles, CA; The Wattis Institute, San Francisco, CA; Marlborough Contemporary, New York, NY; Cleopatra’s, Brooklyn, NY; Kayne Griffin Corcoran, Los Angeles, CA; Weiss Berlin, Germany; Commonwealth & Council, Los Angeles, CA; Tif’s Desk, Los Angeles/Miami; and Thomas Solomon Gallery, Los Angeles, CA amongst others. Selected group shows include: Made in LA curated by Erin Christovale and Anne Ellegood, Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, CA; The Domestic Plane curated by Amy Smith-Stewart, and David Adamo, Aldrich Museum, Ridgefield, CT; Mad World curated by Ali Subotnick, Marciano Foundation, Los Angeles, CA; Virginia Woolf: An exhibition inspired by her Writings curated by Laura Smith, Tate ST. Ives, Cornwall, UK; The Annex, M+B, Los Angeles, CA; Hanging With Friends curated by Diana Molzan, The Finley, Los Angeles, CA; California Curse curated by Pejman Shojaei, Mothers Beach, CA; KNOWLEDGES curated by Christina Ondrus, Mount Wilson Observatory, Alta Dena, CA; Present Future curated by Sohrab Mohebbi, Artissima Turin, Italy; THE STAND IN (OR A GLASS OF MILK) curated by Lauren Mackler and Alex Gaty, Public Fiction, Los Angeles, CA;  9/11 15 Years Later, Human Resources, Los Angeles, CA; ET IN ARCADIA EGO, Estacion Tijuana, Tijuana, Mexico; Seeing is Believing curated by Carol Cheh, Cal State Long Beach, CA; and HOT ROCK, Transmission Gallery, Glasgow, Scotland amongst others. Yaghmai is a Terra Foundation Fellow, Giverny, France (2009), a Villa Aurora Fellow, Berlin, Germany (2016), a recipient of the California Community Foundation grant (2019), The Chara Schreyer Arts Initiative (2020), and the Bullseye Glass Residency (2021).

Jovan C Speller: Sounds For Survival, November 20, 2021 – February 26, 2022

Carolyn Glasoe Bailey Foundation is pleased to present Sounds For Survival, a solo exhibition project by Jovan C. Speller for the Ojai Institute. The exhibition will be on view November 20, 2021 – February 26, 2022. Speller is the recipient of the 2021 Carolyn Glasoe Bailey Foundation Minnesota Art Prize.

There will be a public reception to celebrate the opening on Saturday, November 20, 2021, from 5-7 pm.

248 South Montgomery Street, Ojai

Jovan C. Speller is a multidisciplinary artist based in Northern Minnesota. Her work – visual, textual and performative – interprets historic narratives through contemporary discourse. Her research based practice is centered around elevating, complicating and inventing stories that explore ancestry, identity, and spatial memory – making the intangible tangible and the invisible visible.

Porfirio Gutiérrez: Continuous Line, Linea Continua – June 5 – September 4, 2021

Carolyn Glasoe Bailey Foundation is pleased to announce the Ojai Institute exhibition Porfirio Gutiérrez: Continuous Line, Linea Continua, on view June 5 – September 4, 2021. There will be a public opening reception on Saturday June 5, from 5-7pm, the artist will be present.

Recipient of the 2021 Carolyn Glasoe Bailey Foundation Art Prize, Porfirio Gutiérrez’s solo exhibition, Continuous Line, Linea Continua, is the first for the artist in the region. He is an artist advisor for the upcoming exhibition Cosmovisión Indígena: The Intersection of Indigenous Knowledge and Contemporary Art at Santa Barbara City College’s Atkinson Gallery, organized with the Carolyn Glasoe Bailey Foundation and the Santa Barbara Office of Arts and Culture, part of The Getty Foundation’s 2024 Pacific Standard Time initiative.

Continuous Line, Linea Continua features five new unique textile pieces that will be shown for the first time. Each piece is stretched and framed and intended exclusively to hang on the wall. Some of the pieces feature embroidered embellishments that accentuate the bold lines of his highly minimal and graphic design vocabulary. This will be a very unique opportunity to experience the dynamic intersection of generations of Indigenous knowledge and a contemporary artistic practice. With the surge in popularity of artisan crafts, textiles that were intended traditionally as blankets became understood and used as carpets. Now, Porfirio challenges the traditional use value by again redefining purpose, and expanding upon the fluid tradition of Zapotec textile knowledge.

Gutiérrez is a California-based Zapotec textile artist and natural dyer, born and raised in the richly historic Zapotec textile community of Teotitlán del Valle in Oaxaca, Mexico. He grew up immersed in color and surrounded by the wildness of Oaxaca’s mountains, and by the knowledge of plants for healing and for color. His life’s work has been revitalizing and preserving traditional Zapotec natural dye techniques with a focus on reinterpreting traditional textiles and materials to reflect his distinct creative vision.

Working in both Ventura, California, and Oaxaca, Mexico, Gutiérrez’s art practice maintains his ancestor’s spiritual belief in nature as a living being, sacred and divine. His grounding in Zapotec traditional knowledge manifests in his textiles, reinterpreting the traditional weaving language, subverting and re-imagining the symbols and forms, morphing his textile designs toward the fractal forms and spaces of architecture and the movement he sees in cities and urban environments.

Gutiérrez is a truly American artist, moving freely across the imposed borders between his two countries, as his ancestors and many other Indigenous peoples have done for thousands of years. His designs draw deeply on his experiences of two cultures, moving between the traditional and the modern, but always reliant on the deep knowledge and spiritual dimensions of his work. Gutiérrez’s practice is an offering to the land and celebrates the people who now call this land home.

The story of his art has been told in The New York Times, PBS, and the BBC World Service, London. Gutiérrez has been featured in Vogue Magazine and the Smithsonian’s American Indian Magazine. In 2015, he received the Smithsonian Institution’s Artist in Leadership fellowship award. His work is in the collection of the Museo Nacional de Culturas Populares, Fomento Cultural Banamex, and the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American Indian. A selection of Gutiérrez’s dye materials was also documented and added to Harvard Art Museums’ Forbes Pigment Collection, the world-renowned archive of artist materials.

Related events:

Opening Reception: Porfirio Gutiérrez: Continuous Line, Linea Continua – Saturday, June 5, 2021
Free and open to the public. Artist present. Ojai Institute Member Dinner to follow for members at the Founder’s Circle level and above. To learn more about membership please visit:

Art Prize Gala in Two Parts, Part 1 – Saturday, June 26, 2021
Ticketed fundraiser to benefit the Carolyn Glasoe Bailey Foundation, Margaret Bates & Scott Johnson Residence, Ojai, California. Individual tickets start at $150 per person, and tables start at $2,500. Event will feature a Porfirio Gutiérrez Studio Pop-up and a Curated Oaxacan Marketplace.

Artist & Ideas Festival: Cosmovisión Indígena Symposium – July, 2021
Free hybrid virtual and in person three day symposium. Produced in support of the research for the exhibition Cosmovisión Indígena: The Intersection of Indigenous Knowledge and Contemporary Art at Atkinson Gallery at Santa Barbara City College, organized with the Carolyn Glasoe Bailey Foundation and the Santa Barbara Office of Arts and Culture, part of The Getty Foundation’s 2024 Pacific Standard Time initiative.

Immersive Cultural Experience: Porfirio Gutiérrez Studio – August 7, August 14
Satisfy your wanderlust and immerse yourself in a unique cultural experience at the studio of Porfirio Gutiérrez in Ventura, California. A dynamic workshop and learning laboratory offers the only opportunity outside of visiting Oaxaca, to experience the multigenerational traditional knowledge of the Zapotec people as it pertains to natural pigment dyes and weaving practices. During these half-day experiences at the studio where you will have the opportunity to dip your hands in the dyeing vat and dye your own cochineal wool scarf. You will enjoy a traditional lunch at the studio where you will have the opportunity to try Porfirio’s mother’s recipes, recipes that have not changed much from thousands of years. The highlight of the experience is a natural dye and weaving demonstration and a deep dive into the spiritual dimension in his artistic practice. Cost: $500 per person, space is limited.

December 11250.00 USD2 hour experience
December 18500.00 USD4 hour experience, scarf, lunch
Your confirmation will be emailed after payment is complete

Art Prize Gala in Two Parts, Part 2: October 2, 2021
Ticketed fundraiser to benefit the Carolyn Glasoe Bailey Foundation, Jennie Prebor & Fred Fisher Residence, Ojai, California. Individual tickets start at $150 per person, and tables start at $2,500. Event will feature a Porfirio Gutiérrez Studio Pop-up and a Curated Oaxacan Marketplace.

Lynell George & Janna Ireland In Conversation Friday, April 9, 2021

Lynell George & Janna Ireland in conversation
Friday, April 9, 2021, 5:00 pm PST
Zoom Webinar
Click to Register

Special thanks to Angel City Press.

Join us for a conversation between Lynell George and Janna Ireland, both of whom had book projects published by Angel City Press in the fall of 2020. George’s A Handful of Earth, a Handful of Sky, the World of Octavia E. Butler, explores Butler’s world, creating a sense of unmatched intimacy with the deeply private writer. Regarding Paul R. Williams: A Photographer’s View is a photographic exploration of the work of the first licensed Black architect west of the Mississippi River. Known as “Hollywood’s Architect”, Paul Revere Williams was a Los Angeles native who built a wildly successful career as an architect decades before the Civil Rights Movement.

On the occasion of the conversation between Janna Ireland and Lynell George on Friday, April 9, 2021, we are offering a special 20% discount if you purchase their combined three books. Free local delivery!

Follow the links below to purchase books individually:

Janna Ireland: Regarding Paul R. Williams, A Photographer’s View (2020)
Regular price: $50.00

Lynell George: A Handful of Earth, A Handful of Sky, The World of Octavia Butler (2020)
Regular price: $30.00

Lynell George: After/Image Los Angeles Outside the Frame
Regular price: $30.00


Picturing Intimacy with Janna Ireland, Catherine Opie, Paul Mpagi Sepuya: Friday, March 26, 2021

Picturing Intimacy
Janna Ireland, Catherine Opie, Paul Mpagi Sepuya
Friday, March 26, 2021, 5:00 pm PST
Zoom Webinar
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A panel discussion with three Los Angeles based artists who explore bodies, intimacy, and domestic interiors in their respective practices.

Catherine Opie (b. 1961, Sandusky, OH; lives and works in Los Angeles, CA) is an artist working with photography, film, collage, and ceramics. Her work has been exhibited extensively throughout the United States, and abroad and is held in over 50 major collections throughout the world. Opie was a recipient of The Guggenheim Fellowship in 2019, The Smithsonian’s Archives of American Art Medal in 2016, The Julius Shulman Excellence in Photography Award in 2013 and a United States Artists Fellowship in 2006. In September of 2008, the Guggenheim Museum in New York opened a mid-career exhibition titled, Catherine Opie: American Photographer. A large survey of Opie’s work opened at the Henie Onstad Kunstsenter in Norway in 2017. She debuted her film, The Modernist, at Regen Projects, Los Angeles in 2018. Her forthcoming monograph, Catherine Opie, will be published by Phaidon in May, 2021. Opie received a B.F.A. from the San Francisco Art Institute, and an M.F.A. from the California Institute of the Arts in 1988. She holds the Lynda and Stewart Resnick Endowed Chair in Art at UCLA where she is a professor of Photography.

Paul Mpagi Sepuya (b. 1982, San Bernardino, CA) is a Los Angeles-based artist working in photography. His work is in the collections of the Baltimore Museum of Art, the Getty and Guggenheim Museums, LACMA, MoCA Los Angeles, MoMA, The Studio Museum in Harlem, and the Whitney Museum, among others. His work has been covered in the New Yorker, the New York Times, Art in America, The Nation, and The Guardian, and was featured on the cover of ARTFORUM’s March 2019 issue. Recent museum exhibitions include those at the Guggenheim Museum, the Barbican Centre, the Getty Museum, and a project for the 2019 Whitney Biennial. A survey of work from 2008-2018 was presented at CAM St. Louis and University of Houston Blaffer Art Museum, accompanied by a monograph published by CAM St. Louis and Aperture Foundation. He is Acting Associate Professor in Media Arts at the University of California San Diego.