Introducing Ojai Institute Online! Join us!

We have taken some steps to enhance our online experience in the hopes of creating more visibility for the artists we champion while still raising resources to keep our artists and our organization viable and thriving during this incredibly forceful reset. We hope you’ll join us in this experiment, and that you’ll please share your thoughts on how we can enhance your experience.

With this we give you Ojai Institute Online – an opportunity to extend our current exhibition project Cole M James: 3 Movements. We encourage you to click through and see images of the exhibition, details of individual works, and watch short videos of Cole speaking about her work. We will also be uploading soon our recent conversation for the Ojai Institute Podcast. Individual works are available for purchase (with free shipping!) and there are also plenty of links to take you to Cole’s artist website, instagram, and our main site for additional ways to support artists and the work we do. Make a donation! Become a member of the Ojai Institute! 

Over the next few weeks, with some frequency, we will begin to introduce additional artists under Spotlight. Artists we have worked with and ones that we’re interested in and excited about supporting. Details and announcements will also flow through our social platforms, please follow us on Instagram and Facebook if not already doing so.