Fierce Generosity 2.0: September 14 – October 19, 2019, Burnet Fine Art & Advisory

We are thrilled to announce the exhibition Fierce Generosity 2.0, and the launch of the Carolyn Glasoe Bailey Foundation Minnesota Art Prize.

Fierce Generosity 2.0
September 14, 2019 – October 19, 2019
Opening Reception Saturday September 14, 6-8pm
Artist talk at 6:30pm
Burnet Fine Art & Advisory, Wayzata, Minnesota

Burnet Fine Art & Advisory’s newest exhibition entitled Fierce Generosity 2.0 was curated and organized by the Carolyn Glasoe Bailey Foundation, a non-profit foundation located in Ojai, California. The exhibition showcases a selection of work by Rob Fischer, Cole M James, Yassi Mazandi, Ruth Pastine, David Rathman and Aaron Spangler. A percentage of sales from the exhibition will support the newly created Carolyn Glasoe Bailey Foundation Minnesota Art Prize. The Minnesota Art Prize consists of a cash grant and residency at the Ojai Institute in Ojai, California. David Rathman is the recipient of the inaugural prize. Fierce Generosity 2.0 follows the 2016 exhibition Fierce Generosity that helped launch the Carolyn Glasoe Bailey Foundation.

Fierce Generosity 2.0 was conceived as a meeting point of artists that are part of the Carolyn Glasoe Bailey Foundation’s efforts, with three artists from Minnesota and three from California. The intention is to present a spectrum of artistic exploration between representation and pure abstraction, while illustrating the breadth and depth of the foundation’s support of living artists. Read More –>

Artworks, clockwise from left: Rob Fischer, Cole M James, Yassi Mazandi, Aaron Spangler, David Rathman, Ruth Pastine.