Fall 2017 Newsletter

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2016 Report


We are overwhelmed compiling the list of our CGB Foundation donors this past first year! These generous donors have facilitated CGB drawing classes, CGB pod casts, a TED X talk, Public Art displays, Our Artist of the Year Award, School Groups to  “Learn About Fine Art ”  with CGB Visits possible. 3 Educational Programs are also in the works as result in 3 cities! Thank you thank you thank! Carolyn is smiling down!

Top Stories

Rob Fischer, the 2016 CGB Artist Award Recipient created a public art sculpture for Ojai, a sister piece for his NYC installation.

Thacher House Board/ VIP Donor Dinner 2016


Guests enjoyed a poolside dinner, silent auction and private concert in an Oak Grove.

The Foundation has received press coverage for shows, programming and artist support.

We visited the Headlands

Pictured Artist Alejandro Guzman & Headlands Executive Director Sharon Maidenberg

We Produced Podcasts

Pictured Cassandra C Jones

We visited Breck School & Artist’s Studios in Minneapolis. These relationships are a focus of the CGB Foundation. A continued and ongoing dialogue with Carolyn’s hometown is something we are so grateful for.

Aaron Spangler & Amy Thielen

Alan Polsky +

Alec Soth

Alexander Gray Associates

Alejandro Diaz

Alex & Eileen Rasmussen

Alfonse Borysewicz

Alice Doo 

Alix Lambert

Amy Nix

Andrea Drougas

Anthony Ocone

Barbara Bailey

Beth Glasoe

Brian & George Severson

Brian Wills 

Brooke Gregson

Bruce Mason

Carl Ostendarp

Carolyn Barber

Carolyn Glasoe

Carol Shaw Sutt

Charlotta Westergren 

Cassandra C Jones & Michael Jorgenson

Christian Garnett


Chris Larson

Christopher Bailey +

Christopher Sheridan

Christina Tolmie

Christine Steiner, ESQ.

Christy Chrystal

Corinne Bordeaux & Andy Kosky

Corinta Kotula

Darcy & Ken Peterson

David Rathman

Davaina Greenmyer

​​David Wilson & Michael Peterman

Deborah & Arthur Grace

Deb Peterson

Derek Eller

Diane Keaton 

Dines & Lila Francese

Donald Hostler & Mark Alsbury

Doug Wada

Ellen Bain

Ellen Sklarz 

Enoc Perez

Eric Robison

Nancy Escher&Associates

Frank Masi & Donna Kolb

Frederick Janka & John Connelly 

​​Friday Abernethy

Gail Motyka

Gayle Busby

Ginny Siegfried

Glenn Fout & Lorraine Lim

Hope Atherton

Hugh Steers Estate

I’Lee Bailey Hooker

Jacqueline Valle 

Jason Locicero

Jason Segel

Jennifer Lopez 

Jenny Williams Gruska & Joan Hennehan 

Jes Maharry & Patrick Henderson

Joan Scheibel

Joe and Carolyn Reece

Joe Mama Nitzberg

Joie Stark

JonSmith +  & Christian Sidwell

Josh Blackwell

Joy & Brian Golbere

Julia Fordham

Kate Grussing

Kate Pepper

Katherine Tisserand 

Ken Knight


Keri & Charlie Starbuck 

Kevin Landers 

Kevin Sudeith

Hatch & Larka Sparks McCray +

Lauren Duke

Lawren Howell

Leone & Guy Webster

Lilac Drive Fund

Linda Karshan​​

Lisa Casoni & Heather Stobo

Lisa Gollinger

Lisa Murphy

Little Miss Tennis

Liz & BD Dautch 

Lori Wyard Versalles & Laz Versalles 

Lynn & Mark Frost

Marcia Cuzzo

Mario Muller 

Marc Swanson

Mark Tovan​​

Marlo & Jeremy Van Oorschot Wolf

​​Martha Overby​​

Maryann Kelly

Mary Morrison + Justin Prisendorf

Mary Webalowsky

Matt & Elizabeth Brewer

Michael & Amy Mattison

Miranda Lichtenstein 

Mitchell Wright

Moises Preciado

Mollie Dougherty

Monetta Williams

Monica Reede​​

​​Nancy & Glenn Perry

Nicholas Skrowaczewski

Nicole Biergiel

Ackerly Family

Patricia O’Neal

Paul Song 

P Lyn

Peter Rostovsky

Randi Jacobs 

Reed & Liz Fish

Renee Balsley

Rich & Gloria Reid

Rob Fischer & Sara Wooster

Robert Stobo

Ross & Patricia Anderson 

Ry Rocklen

Ryan & Lisa Lynch

St. John Retailers

Sam Hamman & Scott Diagre

Sandra Torres & Christopher Bates

Sanford Biggers

Sarah Otterstrom & Rick Rutherford

Scott Johnson & Margaret Bates 

Shannon Kennedy 

Sterling Ruby & Melanie Schiff

Stephanie Tuttle

Sue & John Morrison

Susan & Richard Amend

Susan & Todd Derenzis 

Tam Van Tran 

Taralee & Matt Schoen

Tasha Marvin 

Todd Norsten

Tyler Vlahovich

Tonya & John Peralta

Victoria Johanson

​​Victory Fischer

Walter & Jodell Rockenstein​​

Wanda Weller

Wendy Elliott

Xaviera Simmons

Yvonne & Alex Sudarshan

CGB Foundation Board Member +

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