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Exciting Summer Challenge Grant: Help us raise $50,000 before October 1st

Exciting Summer Challenge Grant: Help us raise $50,000 before October 1st

We strongly believe in the important role of artists as cultural producers and integral elements of our society.  We are creating a platform for contemporary art and culture in the Ojai Valley that values artists as catalysts for lifelong learning, while highlighting the importance of the arts and sciences. Help us continue to provide support and opportunities for artists, as well as a place for engaging with the community, sharing ideas, and learning first hand from living artists of our time.

We are thrilled to announce that due to the generosity of our dear supporter Carl Stibolt and an Anonymous donor we have been offered the exciting challenge of matching their $25,000 through gifts of any amount from our community. We are also grateful to Corinne Bordeau & Andy Koski for their lead gift of $2,000.

Give today and double your impact!

Funds raised will support our fall and winter programs. Highlights include our podcast conversation and workshop series on Learning the Wrong Way with Kelly Akashi, Leela Cyd, and Yassi Mazandi and the Ojai Valley Student Artist Exhibition Program and Workshop. Funds will also support our fall Artist in Residence Yassi Mazandi and a tour de force exhibition and site-specific installation, all of which will take us into the New Year.

Thank you so much in advance for your support! 

Frederick Janka, Executive Director or 805.633.9188


Sometimes they reflect our world back at us, and the best of them do it with uncanny precision. Others imagine what we thought impossible and wait while everyone catches up. In my dream world, artists would be part of every aspect of our lives. 

Hrag Vartanian
Editor-in-Chief and Co-Founder, Hyperallergic
this quote is excerpted from the foreword to
The Artist as Cultural Producer, edited by Sharon Louden