Lila Glasoe Francese

Lila Glasoe Francese was most importantly the sister of Carolyn Glasoe Bailey. They were both born in Minneapolis, MN in the 1970s and together shared a childhood in the frozen tundra filled with an abundance of Scandinavian Folklore. Lila was the first sister to leave the Midwest, enrolling in SMU’s Meadow’s School of the Arts in 1990, where she was offered a full scholarship in the Bachelor of Fine Arts Program. She graduated in 1994 and again moved – to Los Angeles, CA  ready to take on the world.  During her time in LA Lila sold a screen play (Peg & Shirl), was hired to do character voices on an animated television show (Family Guy), ran the personal lives of a Miramax Producer (Cary Woods) and the Owner of J Crew (Emily Woods), followed by the President of Imagine Entertainment (Karen Kehela Sherwood) and the President of ABC Entertainment  (Jamie Tarses). Lila claims to thrive amidst chaos and from the length of her personal assisting career (17 years) it seems a valid claim. Lila is the recipient of a McKnight Fellowship  in the arts, a winner of the Wellesley College Book Award (given to young women of leadership) and  was the first Female Student Body President of her over one hundred year old prep school, Breck.  She appeared professionally in regional theatre in both Minneapolis and Los Angeles.  She has been a long supporter of the arts ;aside from her love of theatre she began her Fine Art collection in 1995 alongside her sister Carolyn. Lila married Dines Francese in 2001 and gave birth to Florence “Fliss” Francese in 2004. She relocated to Ojai in 2006 and began her home staging & design business OHI HOME, LLC shortly after, based on her husband and her success “flipping” furnished properties in Southern California. Lila traveled globally with her sister Carolyn, and was blessed to see great art and meet amazing and often legendary artists, curators and art dealers. She hopes the foundation will continue to spread Carolyn Glasoe Bailey’s artistic enthusiasm, fierce generosity and innovative spirit throughout the Fine Art world.