Chris Baley

Christopher Bailey was the husband of Carolyn GlasoeBailey and primary caregiver for the last 15 months of her life while she battled glioblastoma brain cancer.  Chris attended the Minneapolis Collage of Art and Design followed by the Brooks Institute of Photography where he received his bachelor of fine arts degree.  After years of working in digital production, post-production and visual effects for HBO and Access Agency, he founded Intension and Sensasion. Sensasion technology helps content owners produce enhanced premium 2nd screen viewing experiences on Internet, IPTV and mobile. He wants to make technology and TV programs that are more like playing a video game, slot machine or TiVo on steroids. Intension owns IP for video navigation technology that allows audiences to choose personalized viewing paths through programs. The idea is to enhance content that was originally just watched once and motivate and inspire audiences to watch repeatedly and share it again and again.